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Private and shared room of various sizes are available. The rooms available are single bed single sitter, two seater with two beds, three seater with three beds, and four seater with four beds. Linen and bedding provided for your comfort and the occupants have to only bring their personal belonging.


Foods are served upto four times a day including breakfast, meal, lunch, and dinner. Fresh and hygenic foods are prepared everyday. Items on the menu may be changed according to available seasonal vegetables in the market. There is chicken and eggs on the menu two times a week. For vegeterian, there will be an alternative vegeterian food on the day when chicken and eggs are cooked.


High speed fiber Wi-Fi, Hot water, Laundry, Spacious indoor and outdoor relaxing areas, Scooter parking available onsite. 24 hrs electricity supply available from the backup of battery (on selected locations). Clean and UV treated water is available for drinking and cooking.
Filtered boring water available for other purposes.

We make sure that if students have any issues, they are resolved there and then. We believe this is important when it comes to making students feel comfortable. Our managing director, Mr. Biju Shrestha, constantly inspires us to provide quality hostel services. It is the best girls hostel in Kathmandu indeed.

Our hostel has all the facilities and comfort that students need. We focus on their well-being, so they can focus on their careers.

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